Two Ten Tattoo

San Luis Obispo, CA

A photo of Chris Erickson at the beach on the central coast of California

Chris is a seasoned tattoo artist with a passion for art and tattoos. With an impressive 25-year career tattooing across the United States, Europe, and Japan, Chris has honed his skills in street shops and custom studios, making him well rounded at his craft.

Chris has been privileged to work alongside some of the industry's best names, including 14 years at the iconic Elm Street Tattoo, home of the original Friday the 13th tattoo under Oliver Peck and Dean Williams. This invaluable experience has enriched Chris's skillset and helped shape his classic style. High standards and exposure to top-tier talent have contributed to his growth as a standout artist in his own right.

Chris boasts expertise across a spectrum of tattoo designs and motifs, yet his true mastery lies in the intricacies of Japanese themes and the timeless allure of American traditional tattooing. Whether you want a classic flash design, or a tattoo that is as unique as the individual wearing it, Chris will use his knowledge and skill to create a work of art that will last a lifetime.

A map of California with a red star on San Luis Obispo, California

Bring your tattoo vision to a reality with Chris Erickson at Two Ten Tattoo, conveniently situated in the picturesque central coast city of San Luis Obispo, California – the perfect midpoint between the vibrant energy of Los Angeles and the iconic charm of San Francisco. SLO county is a great place to enjoy your next custom tattoo experience.

We invite you to contact Chris today to start discussing your tattoo ideas. Please make an appointment via text message or email. Chris is typically available from Monday through Friday, and looks forward to the opportunity to address your questions or explore your tattoo concepts.

This is a safe and professional space. Please feel free to ask any questions and let us know if there is anything we can do to help accommodate you.

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